Vertical pumps

The Toyo vertical pumps were specially designed to pick up and transport abrasive materials with the least amount of water. They are serious solid handling machines.

These vertical pumps are semi-dry installed pumps. The wet parts of the pumps are directly submerged in the slurry but the drive unit and the support structure are dry installed. They are conceived for pumping in fixed installations.

The Toyo vertical pumps incorporate the patented Toyo agitator, directly attached to the shaft of the pump, in a configuration which results in one of the most rugged vertical slurry pump available on the market.

The rotation of the Toyo patented built in agitator lifts the sediments and creates a homogeneous slurry mixture. This makes continuous pumping of slurries with high concentrations of solids possible.

Heavy duty design, careful selection of materials and parts as well as unique component shapes combined with powerful slow running high torque motors have produced pumps with excellent abrasion resistance, very efficient in heavy slurries pumping.

These characteristics ensure long service life and economical operations.

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