Dredging Systems

Inland dredging

Inland dredging covers a lot of applications on lakes, dams, rivers and even in marinas.

They all have in common that the dredging operations take place in a relatively small area and that the equipment must be easy to transport on site.

Contractors are looking for machines that offer the best compromise between performances and initial investment. That is exactly what a submersible dredging pump can offer : more productivity and less cost.

For these types of applications Toyo Pumps Europe has developed a simple but complete solution including pontoon, winches, pump, control box, generator and discharge hoses. The equipment can be transported in a container and reassembled on site. The package includes full documentation and training.

More sophisticated solutions for example including jetting systems or booster pumps but also versions for deep operationing of the pump are available.

Excavators may also complete the stirring up and mixing motion induced by our pumps when the material to dredge is very compact.

Hydraulically driven versions of our dredging pumps can be mounted on excavating machines installed on a pontoon or mounted on the telescopic boom of special dredgers for “surgical” operations.

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