Submersible pumps


Toyo DP pumps

Toyo DP pumps are extra heavy duty submersible slurry pumps. They have been designed for pumping sand, gravel and rock notably in mining and dredging industry. It is a pump and an excavator at the same time.

The design incorporates the renowned patented Toyo agitator, attached directly on the pump shaft, closed impeller, large open passages for easy passage of solids, heavy duty shaft and bearing configuraton, special seals working in an oil bath and 4, 6, 8 or 10 pole customs built electric motor with 1.35 service factor.

The impeller, the wear plates and the agitator are manufactured in cast chrome iron (24 to 28%). Two adjustable wear plates (DP10 and smaller models only have one) allow optimizing hydraulic efficiency of the pump.

Toyo DPE pumps

DPE pumps are special versions of the DP pumps dedicated to fixed installations.

They are delivered with a heavy fixing base and feature a detachable bend, braces for the guidance pipes and suspension chains.

Maintenance on the pump can take place without disassembling the discharge hose.

Toyo DPH pumps

DPH pumps are hydraulically driven extra heavy duty submersible pumps. The design of the wet part of the pump is similar to the DP pumps but the powerful hydraulic piston motor offers the following specific advantages :

      • The rotation speed of the motor is adjustable, which enables the pumps capacity and pressure to be adapted to suit changing job site requirements and circumstances.
      • When the pump is mounted on the arm of an excavator, its motor can be directly connected to the hydraulic generator of the machine.

The 3 series of the DP pumps feature impeller, wear plates and agitator manufactured in high chrome cast iron. The pump itself can be produced in various metallurgies including stainless steel.

These Toyo pumps are able to lift up and transport slurries with densities of at least 1.35kg/dm³ in the case of the DP and DPE and 1.40kg/dm³ for the DPH. The DP and DPE can handle solids contents reaching 70% by weight. They offer pumping capacities of up to 360m³/h for the DPE, 720m³/h for the DP and 915m³/h for the DPH.

They are able to pump solids particles with up to 120mm diameter, in slurries temperatures of up to 60°C and pH between 4 and 14. DP and DPE are available in high temperatures versions for slurry temperature of up to 80°C.

In standard version, they have a maximum operating depth of 30m. The DP and DPH are available in special versions having an operating depth of up to 120m.

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