Submersible pumps


The K pumps are waste water submersible pumps. They are specially designed to handle very heavy and abrasive slurries containing fibrous materials.

These centrifugal pumps, with single canal impeller, feature a totally new patented agitator. This agitator, directly fixed on the impeller, integrates the inlet of the pump and prevent any rotation blockage.

The impeller, the suction cover and the agitator are manufactured in cast chrome iron (24 to 28% Cr).

A strong shaft, made of stainless steel, sustained by a series of carrefully selected bearings, transmit the rotation speed of the motor to the upper side of the impeller. The design of the pump offers a large passage.

Thermal protection and moister sensor are standard on these pumps.

K pumps are able to lift and transport slurries with densities of at least 1,25kg/dm³ and handle solids content reaching 50% by weight. They offer pumping capacities up to 90m³/h.

They can handle solids particules with up to 70 mm diameter, in slurries with up to 60°C and pH between 4 to 14.

K pumps are available in different metallurgies, including stainless steel, and/or with detacheble bend and base.

Special versions are available for liquid temperatures up to 80°C.

The maximum operating deph is 30m.

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