Submersible pumps


Toyo ET pumps are very heavy duty submersible slurry pumps. It is a strong, hard working and extremely compact pump.

These top outlet discharge pumps integrate a full cooling jacket. Their design offers the possibility to work in narrow spaces with the pump even partially immerged. Standard equipment includes thermal protection.

The design of the pump incorporates the renowned patented Toyo agitator, attached directly on the pump shaft, semi-open impeller, heavy duty shaft and bearings configuration, double mechanical seals working in an oil bath and a 4 pole customs built electric motor with 1.25 service factor.

The impeller, the wear plate and the agitator are manufactured in cast chrome iron (24 to 28%). Simple adjustment of the wear plate offers long lasting high performances.

ET pumps are able to lift up and transport slurries with densities of at least 1.25kg/dm³ and can handle solids content reaching 55% by weight. They offer pumping capacities of up to 120m³/h.

They are able to pump solids particles with up to 30mm diameter, in slurries temperatures of up to 60°C and pH between 4 and 14. They are available in high temperature versions for slurry temperature of up to 80°C and in different metallurgies, including stainless steel.

Their maximum operating deph is 30 m. Pumps ET10 to ET20 are available in special versions able to work at up to 60m without any external additional device.

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