Equipment and Special Devices

We offer a unique combination of expertise and equipment to provide the best possible service to your project. A full range of carefully selected equipment and custom made special devices are available from stock or with a short production delay. Make your choice in the following list or ask for a turn key project.

Electric cables

Electric cables conform to European norms and perfectly compatible with our different models of pumps are available from stock. The connection of the cable on the pump you order is free of charge. Perfect water-tightness and electric security is guarantied.

Control panels

Our panels help you to get an easy control on the good working of your pump. We manufacture a complete range of control panels, equipped with different starting systems, adapted to the specific requirements of our pumps. Adequate calibration optimally protects the pump motor.

Electric and hydraulic power generators

Independent power generation is often required to drive our pumps on jobsites as in construction, mining or dredging industry. We supply Toyo approved reliable electric generators but have also developed specific hydraulic power generators for our hydraulically driven pumps. They can be delivered with sound proof canopy and remote control on request.

Discharge hose, coupling and floats

The efficiency of your pumping installations notably depends on the discharge line you connect the pump to. The layout of the discharge installation is crucial. The adequate choice in terms of type and quality of the pipes is also very important. We offer short delivery delays on a large range of quality hoses, couplings and floats. Technical advice on your discharge installation is one of our additional services.

Jet ring systems

High pressure jet rings can provide extra cutting and suspending capability, notably for the applications where you have compact materials to pump. We manufacture custom made jet rings and install them on your pump, ready for connection to high pressure pump. We can also provide the high pressure pump in a complete installation.


Excavators are designed to drill, break and grind very compact materials. They may complete the dredging action of the Toyo pumps in specific cases.

Toyo produces one of the largest ranges of excavators for dredging operations. We can propose side or inline mounted excavators as well as electrically or hydraulically driven ones.

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