Submersible pumps


DPFS are high head extra heavy duty submersible pumps.

This new range of submersible pumps, integrating the renowned patented TOYO agitator, has been specially designed to handle very heavy and abrasive slurries to higher levels.

The impeller, the wear plates and agitator manufactured in cast chrome iron (24 to 28% Cr) and the easy servicing of the pump through simple adjustments on the appropriate wear plate ensure long service life.

These pumps can handle slurries with solid content of up to 60% by weight. The standard version of the DPFS operates at a maximum of 30m in depth and can pump particles up to 35mm in size, liquids up to 60°C at a pH level between 4 and 14. 

Special versions of this pump are available for high temperatures (up to 80°C) and depths (120m maximum).

DPFS are robust centrifugal pumps with closed impeller. They combine a low speed class F motor (cooled by the liquid in which the pump is submerged), sufficient weight and an important motor torque. A strong short shaft, supported by a series of carefully selected bearings and double mechanical seals operating in an oil bath, ensure tightness in the hardest conditions.

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